Regional Police have updated the details on a drug bust made on Mountain Laurel Crescent near Bleams and Fischer Hallman in Kitchener on Thursday afternoon.

Inspector Kevin Thaler says police seized almost 28 grams of cocaine; over 400 grams of marijuana; 3 pot plants; over 30 grams of cannabis resin; 4.3 kilograms of marijuana shake; 80 Oxycodone pills; and 120 assorted morphine pills.

Police also seized $1,655 in cash; 2 grow lights; and an ATM machine.

Witness to the raid, Rob Dunham says “you could hear (police), not so much with the girl (suspect), but when they brought her out you could hear them yelling at the guy (suspect) telling him to get down.”

“There’s always something going on in that area, there is always some people showing up at odd hours of the night. You know something is happening over there, you just don’t know for sure”, Dunham said.

The investigation continues.