A proposed big box development in the south-end of Kitchener will have an impact on some city recreational facilities.

The developer of the old Budd’s site has given the city the required 2 years notice that it wants build a commercial big box development and will need to take back 4 soccer fields and a parking lot at Budd Park, near Homer Watson and Bleams Road.

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The city’s Manager of Park Planning and Development Greg Hummel tells 570 News it is not all bad for the city and soccer players, as there are a number of different options to look at and plenty of time.

Hummel says staff will spend the fall and winter looking at different options which include building new fields elsewhere in Kitchener or possibly redeveloping some natural grass fields to artificial turf.

The bonus there, is that the typical grass field can only be used for about 450 hours in a season, compared to more than 2,500 hours use for an artificial pitch.

Hummel says grass fields are cheaper, about $450,000, but require maintenance. Synthetic fields can cost more than $1-million and have little need for maintenance.

Kitchener Minor Soccer Club will have to give up the 4 fields and parking lot at Budd Park by August 2014 and that could have an impact on their operations if the fields aren’t replaced in time.

More than 6,000 players are registered and 900 volunteers help out with the Kitchener Soccer Club.