Two Kitchener men are facing drug charges after a nine month investigation.

     The charges came after an investigation involving illegal gambling was started by the OPP and the RCMP last December.

     RCMP Sgt. Gary Boutilier with the Kitchener Major Crimes Unit told 570 that many methods were used to catch the men.

     “Through surveillance and other investigational techniques we resulted in obtaining enough evidence to lay charges against the two individuals.”

     The men were transporting around 11 kilograms of marijuana into the region by car, which Boutilier says is a significant amount for Kitchener-Waterloo compared to his native Toronto.

     “In my opinion it’s a low amount, however for this region it has a little bit more significance, one person alone caught with 25 pounds is significant.”

     Both suspects were arrested in the region. One of the men was arrested on the 401 heading to Brampton, while the other suspect was arrested at his home. Both had drugs in their possession when arrested by police.