A Kitchener woman faces a maximum fine of $5,000 under a city bylaw.

Marjorie McLennan has been charged with two counts of “dog attacking human”, after a pair of Rottweilers she was in charge of attacked a telephone line installer.

570 News caught up with the victim, Jason Gordon, who was attacked in early May when he was working in the backyard of a home near Weber and Fergus, on Falsey Avenue.

“It was pretty scary, but at least it’s over now.”

Regarding McLennan being charged, Gordon said, “well for me, it’s not about the charges or anything. I’ve already got my closure, so now I’m just focusing on getting better.” Gordon had to have surgery after the attack, but is now back at work and is also doing strength recovery training.

“Sometimes things happen that you just can’t predict,” Gordon said. “My view on dogs hasn’t changed at all, there are good dogs and there (are) bad dogs, but ultimately, animals will be animals.”

McLennan will appear in court October 29th.