A Guelph woman has been sentenced to 11-months in jail.

A Toronto judge had some stern words for Kelly Pflug-Back, one of the people involved in the G-20 riot two years ago.

Superior Court Justice John McMahon told her that criminal conduct cannot be wrapped in the flag of social activism, then handed her the sentence yesterday.

The 24-year-old had pleaded guilty to seven counts of mischief and one of wearing a disguise with criminal intent.

In all, McMahon sentenced Pflug-Back to 15 months in custody — with some of the jail time for individual counts to run concurrently.

But he granted her four months credit for 23 days pre-trial incarceration and bail, leaving her with 11 months to be spent in jail.

More than 11-hundred arrests were made after protests turned into riots and police cars were torched and storefronts vandalized.

McMahon said the actions of Pflug-Back and other rioters left downtown Toronto looking like a war zone.