Catherine Fife wants to run for the NDP in the upcoming Kitchener-Waterloo byelection to fill Elizabeth Witmer’s vacated seat.

    Fife has an education background currently working as Chair of the public board, heading the Ontario Public School Boards Association and Vice-President of the Canadian Public School Boards Association.

     Fife ran in Kitchener-Waterloo under the NDP banner in 2007, when she increased support for the party by over 60% in the riding.

    At a news conference today in Waterloo, Fife was asked what she thought her chances of winning were in a predominantly Conservative riding, “this was not a Conservative riding, this was Elizabeth Witmer’s riding, and therefore, this race is open to all parties. I don’t think that the NDP has had a better chance to win this riding, and I intend to make that case to the people of the riding.”

    Fife outlines one of the reasons she decided to go after the nomination for the NDP, “this riding has the ability to define, and to give some sort of feedback to the rest of the province about what kind of government they want. Minority governments can work, and actually they need to work together.”

    Fife says jobs and health are two important issues for this election with education tying the both together. Fife says public education needs constant attention, “we need to continually work at education, we cannot become lazy, and that requires having the best people in our classrooms.”

    The NDP nomination meeting is to be held on Thursday, July 26th. Fife is currently the only nominee.