A new road safety program has launched in the City of Guelph.

The “Share the Road – Share the Reward” campaign is designed to reward drivers and cyclists who make smart decisions.

Chief Bryan Larkin tells 570 news there’s a simple reason for promoting the need for everyone to share the road, “In July and August we see an increase in our cyclists. We also want to set the tone as September rolls around. We have a significant university population and college population as well as high school that use bikes to get to school, so it’s really about promoting the share the road program. Also our roads are changing and we’re seeing the addition of bike lanes.”

Larkin adds they want to stop cyclists and drivers that are doing it right by rewarding them, “So instead of receiving a ticket, the motorist who’s doing it right and understands the rules of the road will receive a Tim Hortons card, loaded up with $5, so they can enjoy the beverage of their choice.”

The program will run into the fall.