Regional Police shot and killed a pair of Rottweilers after the dogs attacked a man in the backyard of a Kitchener residence.

Police say the man who had been making a service call for Bell Canada at a home in the Weber and Fergus area on Tuesday was taken to Grand River Hospital with injuries to an arm, and his legs.

Witnesses tell today’s Record that officers later shot the dogs at a home on Falsey avenue after trying to get the dogs off the man with the aid of a riot shield.   

One dog died at the scene, the other was taken to a vet but was later put down due to the injuries suffered.

A spokesperson for the City of Kitchener says there will be an investigation to determine if there were any violations of the City bylaw.

Waterloo Regional Police Spokesperson, Olaf Heinzel tells 570 News the officers discharged their guns due to the viciousness of the attack and the demeanour of the dogs.

It’s unclear how the worker ended up in the backyard facing the dogs.

No police officers were hurt.

The Ministry of Labour may also be involved in the investigation as the incident happened while the man was working.