Bullying affects everyone.  It’s an ongoing and growing problem in our society and thanks to the advent of the internet and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook – it’s getting worse.

The heartbreaking story of Amanda Todd has affected millions of people around the world.  570 News has decided to make our series “Bullying – Enough is Enough” available again for anyone who may be in a similar situation and needs help.

During the week of March 12th to the 16th, 570 News presented a 5-part series that put the focus directly on a subject that has led to countless incidents in which youths are verbally and physically abused.  Plus, on way too many occasions such abuse has led to some children not only contemplating, but also committing suicide.

Enough is Enough.

570′s Paul Johnson interviewed numerous people on the leading edge of the issue.

The subject matter ranged from defining what bullying actually is and whom it affects to the fact that there are 2 sides to the problem as well as finding solutions going forward.  His guests included…

-Katie Neu who was bullied beginning in Kindergarten and started Bullying Canada after leaving school for good in Grade 9.

-Jessica Brown – Program Facilitator with WAYVE (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere)

-CBC’s Rick Mercer who’s anti-bullying rant on the Rick Mercer Report gained national attention when it aired.

-Tana Nash – Co-Ordinator of the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

-Kids Help Phone Counsellor Kathy who’s on the front lines for youths who reach out for help when they are bullied.

-Constable Aaron Mathias from the Waterloo Regional Police who is intimately involved in the work being done by WRPS in the local community in an effort to get the anti-bullying message out to students and parents alike.

-Candace Hoeppner – MP for Portage-Lisgar – the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety.

-Gerry Clifford (Superintendent of Learning: Parent Engagement) and  Paul Tratnyek (Superintendent of Learning) both of Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

If you or anyone you know has been affected or is still being affected by bullying please talk about it with an adult.  There are numerous services available to people who need help including;

Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council – 519-744-1813 or 519-745-1166
Bullying Canada – 1-877-352-4497

Talk to your family, your friends, your teachers and your co-workers.  Don’t be afraid to speak out and talk about what is going on.

Information is power and everyone who talks can, and will; make a difference.