KW Urban Harvester


KW Urban Harvester is fundraising to buy soil to help people in need to garden this growing season. Placing particular emphasis on providing it to those who have been oppressed and repressed by the system (e.g. BIPOC (meaning Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour), low-/no-income, LGBTQ+, disabled etc.) and who overall are being hardest hit by the changes underway via COVID-19.

Our desire is to make the soil available as part of our Grow-a-Row program that asks people to turn a portion of their lawns into gardens, or expand their gardens a little, to grow food to those in need in our Region. People at community gardens can also get involved.

The food can either be donated directly to those in need in the community, or through organizations such as the food bank. Those in need can also be the gardeners themselves.

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