Tim Horton’s Camp Day @ Tim Horton's
May 11 all-day
Tim Horton's Camp Day @ Tim Horton's

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation is dedicated to fostering within our children the quest for a brighter future.

1 in 6 children across Canada and the United States live in economically disadvantaged homes. For these children, opportunities and environments that promote their growth into healthy individuals are often limited.

A Foundation camp experience provides programs to help these children develop lifelong skills. When they return home, they bring with them a positive attitude about their future, and the confidence to achieve goals they learned to set for themselves.

On Wednesday, May 31st buy a coffee from Tim Horton’s and send a kid to camp!

Neighbours Day – June 10th!
Jun 10 all-day
Neighbours Day - June 10th!

Neighbours Day is about connecting with people in your neighbourhood, learning what’s available around you and finding a variety of ways to celebrate the vibrant and diverse city we live in.

Participate in the third annual Neighbours Day on Saturday, June 10, 2017 for FREE events and activities! Not only will there once again be events hosted at city facilities throughout the city, but residents and organizations will have the opportunity to get involved and Host your Own Event too!

Find activities going on throughout the day by clicking here.