The Mike Farwell Show
Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Former Catholic board students launch petition for more inclusivity for LGBTQ+ community (21:10); Staff to recommend $700K repair of nuclear bomb shelter (42:55); What's on Wednesday? Parents for Community Living partners with Menno Homes (1:03:56); Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club (1:16:06); Anger toward Jewish people is misplaced and hateful - and we must all push back (1:26:42); Between Two Hosts. Topic: What is the largest amount of money you have ever won? (1:47:06) Jun 02, 2021, 03:00 PM
Friday June 18th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); As COVID-19 cases spike, Waterloo region may not move to Step 2 with rest of Ontario (21:37); A Better Tent City to temporarily relocate to site on Battler Road in Kitchener (42:47); Condo developer plans to buy $1-billion worth of single-family houses in Canada for rentals (1:03:30); Public Health updates Waterloo Region's COVID-19 cases (1:25:40) Jun 18, 2021, 03:00 PM
Thursday June 17th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); 'Very frightening' plan by developer to buy $1B in homes will price renters out: anti-poverty group (21:02); MPPs Fife and Lindo call for additional support as Waterloo Region cases surge (42:45); Virtual Socially Distanced Pandemic Storytelling Tour (1:00:00); Kitchener names Donny Hishon 2021 senior of the year (1:03:06); Ontario's new math curriculum looks good. Now make sure there are resources so it can succeed (1:25:47); The Flip Side. Topic: Paulie's cat tore up his toe, my dog digs huge holes in the backyard… what did your pet do? (1:45:33) Jun 17, 2021, 03:00 PM
Wednesday June 16th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo Catholic high school teachers will teach students in person and online simultaneously in September (21:04); Make Canada Day a national day of reckoning (43:05); What's on Wednesday? Local Art for Local Walls partners with Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region / Bonn Park Podcast looks at history of St. Jacob's Market (1:04:04); Doug Ford's government is using the notwithstanding clause for the first time in Ontario history. When is use of the constitutional override legitimate? (1:26:29); Between Two Hosts. Topic: Ruffle Farwell's Feathers (1:47:04); Five Minutes with Farwell. GUEST: Tracy Valko, The Valko Team (2:04:29) Jun 16, 2021, 03:00 PM
Tuesday June 15th, 2021 Show Opening... But first (0:33); 'It defies logic': Americans want to know why Canada won't reopen the border now (00:00); Could Canada's high-flying housing prices come crashing down? (21:47); Permanent Indigenous space planned for Victoria Park and Waterloo Park (43:10); Ontario gives $10M to help find and protect residential school burial sites (1:03:47); The weekend after partial lockdown is part-way lifted (1:28:09); Tech Tuesday Spotlight. GUEST: Derek Sham, CEO & Founder, Cosm Medical (1:47:37) Jun 15, 2021, 03:00 PM
Monday June 14th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Wilmot township cancels Canada Day plans (20:54); Neighbours angered by new proposal to build five high-rise apartment buildings (43:29); Fifth-annual Belmont Village Bestival set to run all summer long in support of KW local businesses (1:05:17); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:26:31); Five Minutes with Farwell. GUEST: Faisal Susiwala, Broker of Record, Re/Max Twin City Faisal Susiwala Realty (2:05:11) Jun 14, 2021, 03:00 PM
Friday June 11th, 2021 A special broadcast supporting Red Day, and St. Mary's General Hospital Regional Cardiac Care Centre. Jun 11, 2021, 03:00 PM
Thursday June 10th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Fully vaccinated Canadian travellers can skip hotel quarantine come July: feds (20:43); COVID-19 'freedom' rallies actually undermine liberty - here's why (43:18); Evening of Recognition winners join The Mike Farwell Show (1:03:19); Better Tent City needs to go through due process, says Woolwich council (1:25:35); The Flip Side. Topic: With restaurants reopening tomorrow for outdoor dining… where’s the first place you’re going to go? (1:45:42) Jun 10, 2021, 03:00 PM
Wednesday June 9th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Love, grief and anger at local vigil for family killed in London (20:37); Statement of the Ad Hoc School Naming Review Committee on School Renaming Efforts and Sir John A. MacDonald (42:59); What's on Wednesday? We Fund Care supported by ultra-marathon event (1:02:55); Indigenous lawyer: Investigate discovery of 215 children's graves in Kamloops as a crime against humanity (1:25:46); Between Two Hosts. Topic: Should Hockey fans cheer for the only remaining Canadian team? (1:46:23); Five Minutes with Farwell. GUEST: Julie Medeiros, Mortgage Agent, DLC Premier Mortgages (2:03:47) Jun 09, 2021, 03:00 PM
Tuesday June 8th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); 'Like it's just next door': Coalition of Muslim Women of KW to hold vigil after truck attack on London family (12:11); Province to start reopening economy Friday (20:44); Swastika Trail saga to have its day in the House of Commons (42:19); Evening of Recognition winners join The Mike Farwell Show (1:02:42); Project aims to determine risk microplastics pose to Canada's environment (1:25:38); Monthly Mental Health Check in (1:46:14) Jun 08, 2021, 03:00 PM
Monday June 7th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); The Junos: the high, lows and notable quips (11:22); The Catholic Church must atone for its role in residential schools (20:47); How to ensure your charity donations truly help your local community (42:34); Hyperlocal Travel: 160 unusual destinations in Ontario (1:03:42); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:26:30); Five Minutes with Farwell. GUEST: Susan Dusick, President & CEO of St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation (2:04:36) Jun 07, 2021, 03:00 PM
Friday June 4th, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Construction worker wins more than $113,000 in Farwell4Hire 50/50 draw (12:10); Blair residents organize community meeting to oppose Cambridge Council's support of an MZO for suspected Amazon facility (21:28); Ignite Group and Ginger Goat Hot Sauce collaborate for a made-in-Waterloo Region story (42:58); St. Mary's Red Day is next Friday (1:03:06); Friday Four Panel. Topics: Did the province get it right in deciding to keep schools closed for the rest of the year? / Did Waterloo get it right in upholding its ban on backyard fires? / Is Ottawa doing enough on the reconciliation file? / Is Breslau the right place for A Better Tent City? (1:25:56) Jun 04, 2021, 03:00 PM
Thursday June 3rd, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Children's Health Coalition react to 'inadequate' approach by Ford government (20:17); Kitchener residents concerned over proposal to sever lot and build semi-detached homes in their neighbourhood (42:13); Sustainable Waterloo Region winners join the Mike Farwell Show (1:03:14); Canadians should be prepared for more discoveries like Kamloops, Murray Sinclair says (1:25:21); Announcing winner of RangersReach Farwell4Hire 50/50 (1:45:15) Jun 03, 2021, 03:00 PM
Tuesday June 1st, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); No campfires for Waterloo, council torches backyard fire pit dreams (21:45); Second dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: FAQs about blood clots, safety, risks and symptoms (43:33); Run4Office: WR aims to increase number of racialized candidates (1:03:50); Final Stretch of the Farwell4Hire 50/50 (1:16:09); Ask the Chief! Bryan Larkin is here for his monthly visit to answer all your policing questions (1:27:03) Jun 01, 2021, 03:00 PM
Monday May 31st, 2021 The opening monologue (0:56); Better Tent City eyeing move to Woolwich (20:41); Canada needs a covid vaccination incentive program now (42:25); We Are All In This Together initiative puts $175,000 back into the local restaurant industry (1:00:00); Memorial site set up at Healing of The Seven Generations (1:02:13); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:25:01) May 31, 2021, 03:00 PM