The Mike Farwell Show
Kitchener-Conestoga All Candidates Forum The candidates from the riding of Kitchener-Conestoga joined us in studio for a discussion:

Harold Albrecht, Candidate, Conservative Party of Canada Tim Louis, Candidate, Liberal Party of Canada Riani De Wet, Candidate, New Democratic Party of Canada Stephanie Goertz, Candidate, Green Party of Canada Koltyn Wallar, Candidate, People’s Party of Canada

Oct 09, 2019, 03:05 PM
Feb 19: Populism, Pipeline Protests, and Prostitution The opening monologue (0:56); Enough is enough. Clear the blockades, restore the rule of law (22:42); Populism is alive and well in Canada (45:24); What's on Wednesday! (1:05:48); Murder of sex worker exposes Canada's hypocrisy on prostitution, advocate says (1:28:23); Between Two Hosts: Populism (1:48:33) Yesterday at 03:00 PM
Feb 18: Photo Radar, GO Trains, and Politics The opening monologue (0:56); Photo radar could be coming soon to school zones in Waterloo Region (22:21); Kitchener GO Station seeing biggest boost in daily ridership: Metrolinx (45:28); Cambridge 'diplocrat' rules on TV's 'Political Blind Date' (1:05:19); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:27:53) Feb 18, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 14: VIA Rail cancels, Clearview AI, and the Friday Four Panel The opening monologue (0:56); VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests (20:44); Toronto police admit using secretive facial recognition technology Clearview AI (42:48); The Coach’s Show (1:03:06); Friday four panel (1:26:25) Feb 14, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 13: Mill Creek Spill, Independent Politicians, and Valentines Mishaps The opening monologue (0:56); ‘We want the documentation’ — Mill Creek a year after the jet fuel spill (21:47); Making the case for more independent politicians (44:13); Auto insurance rates in Ontario going up as much as 11% (1:03:25); Dave Scott-Thomas kicked out of Guelph Sports Hall of Fame (1:26:01); The Flip Side (1:46:02) Feb 13, 2020, 04:00 PM
Feb 12: CTS Site Selection, Huawei 5G, and Ontario E-Learning The opening monologue (0:56); Cambridge council vote allows for leverage in CTS site selection (21:44); Canada studying U.K.'s decision to grant Huawei partial access to 5G network (43:04); What's on Wednesday! (1:03:16); E-learning in Ontario: Way of the future or an ineffective teaching model? (1:24:53); Between Two Hosts (1:47:08) Feb 12, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 11: Fiscal Restraint, Teacher Job Action, and Car Free Downtown Cores The opening monologue (0:56); Why the Ford government isn't stopping teachers' strikes with back-to-work legislation just yet (24:08); Fiscal restraint? Doug Ford's Ontario government spent billions more than Wynne had planned in 2018-19 (43:56); Team Canada to face southern rival in two-game series in southwestern Ontario (1:03:53); Mayor's state of our future city has a car-free downtown (1:27:07); Mental Health monthly segment (1:47:21) Feb 11, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 10: University Sports, Gravel Pits, and Distracted Driving The opening monologue (0:56); University of Guelph faces criticism over handling of allegations against former coach Dave Scott-Thomas (22:19); Region of Waterloo slams the door on proposed Shingletown gravel pit (43:53); It's time to treat distracted driving the way we treat drunk driving (1:03:36); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:26:31) Feb 10, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 7: Teacher Job Action, Coronavirus, and Google The opening monologue (0:56); Doug Ford urged to fire Lecce as teacher job action escalates (21:47); Google setting up new Kitchener office (43:33); The Kitchener Rangers Coach's Show (1:03:44); Friday four panel. Topics: Did the NFL err by including OJ Simpson in its video tribute to the 100 greatest players in league history? / Are striking teachers who offered to collect donations for the food bank trying to curry favour with an increasingly frustrated public? / Should Conservative MP Arnold Viersen resign over his comments to a member of the opposition? / Should taxpayers foot the bill to fly Canadians back from Wuhan? (1:26:31) Feb 07, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 6: Cambridge CTS Site, Trump Impeachment Trial, and Music The opening monologue (0:56); Study lays framework for where Cambridge consumption and treatment site could go (10:16); $675 million U.S. needed for new coronavirus preparedness and response global plan (21:31); Senate Acquits Trump, With Romney As Sole Republican Voting Guilty (44:20); Culture Talks returns (1:08:10); Big City Mayors' Caucus meeting with key Federal Ministers on 2020 budget in Ottawa (1:27:45); The Flip Side: What song is a skeleton in your music closet? (1:48:51) Feb 06, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 5: Housing, Dog Parks, and Federal Judges The opening monologue (0:56); Shortage of housing stock creates 2 year wait list for supportive housing (3:18); Council votes to close dog park at Misersky Park, cancels plans for two others (21:23); Poor French 'serious handicap' for Tory leadership hopefuls, says former languages commissioner (43:06); What's on Wednesday (1:03:02); Ambrose to join Liberal ministers in re-introducing bill on sexual assault awareness training for judges (1:25:06);Between Two Hosts (1:44:44) Feb 05, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 4: Teacher Strikes, Judicial Appointments, and Men's Life Expectancy The opening monologue (0:56); Public school families in Waterloo Region hit hardest by teacher strikes (26:02); Ontario considers changes to judicial appointments process, AG says (43:54); Opioid scourge likely culprit as Ontario men's life expectancy drops (1:03:58); Ask the Chief! (1:26:16) Feb 04, 2020, 03:00 PM
Feb 3: Media Regulation, Coronavirus Update, and Traffic The opening monologue (0:56); Panel recommends sweeping changes to Canada's media and communications sectors, including ending ads on CBC (19:51); Kitchener-Waterloo ranks 12th-worst in Canada for traffic congestion (44:20); Soaring debt puts Canada's sluggish economy at risk (1:00:00); Coronavirus update (1:04:21); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:27:41) Feb 03, 2020, 03:00 PM
Jan 31: Affordable Housing, Kobe Bryant, and Single Use Plastics The opening monologue (0:56); Partnership to build affordable housing with 48 units in Kitchener (20:21); Sobeys removing plastic bags from its stores on Friday (42:33); The Kitchener Rangers Coach's Show with Mike McKenzie (1:01:46); Friday four panel. Topics: How should Kobe Bryant be remembered? / Is Jim Karahalios a sincere contender for the Conservative leadership or just someone trying to boost his profile? / Should bilingualism be expected for leaders of a Canadian political party? / Should the province release the results of its review of regional governance? (1:25:38) Jan 31, 2020, 03:00 PM
Jan 30: Coronavirus, Idling, and Grapes The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo has only handed out 20 idling tickets in 10 years - and this resident hopes that changes (21:30); For Conservative candidates who aren't fully bilingual, running to be prime minister won't be easy (42:55); Canada's chief public health officer says no coronavirus vaccine for 1 year (1:04:25); World leaders react to Trump's Middle East plan (1:25:42); The Flip Side: Eating fruit from the grocery store (1:47:14) Jan 30, 2020, 03:00 PM
Jan 29: Basic Income, State of The Region Address, and New AUD Location The opening monologue (0:56); Connecting communities, focusing on future, remaining resilient are top priorities: Regional Chair (21:15); Is the assault weapon buyback a misguided idea? (42:54); What's on Wednesday! (1:03:47); Canadian Basic Income Of $22,000 A Year Possible With Tax Hikes: Report (1:26:31); Between Two Hosts: Where could a new AUD be built? (1:47:24) Jan 29, 2020, 03:00 PM