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Microplastics are everywhere. Even in the air you breathe.

Last Updated Aug 16, 2019 at 9:09 am EDT

SCHIAVONEA, CORIGLIANO ROSSANO, CALABRIA, ITALY - 2019/03/02: A detail of microplastics along the Schiavonea beach, transported by the Ionian sea during the last sea storm. The force of the sea storm lifted the microplastics from the seabed and carried it to the beach. The microplastics are one of the major elements of pollution of the seas that is killing even many fish of all sizes and also comes to humans right through the fish. (Photo by Alfonso Di Vincenzo/KONTROLAB /LightRocket via Getty Images)

In today’s Big Story podcast, you know all those cool tiny parts that make up the universe? The invisible particles and micro-organisms and molecules that we can’t see, but play their own crucial parts in keeping the world in harmony? Well, microplastics are just like them. Except they’re plastic, we made them and they don’t help keep anything in harmony.

So what are they and where can they be found? How can we try to filter them out? What do they to do people and animals? And just how much of them are we eating, or drinking, or even breathing right now?

GUEST: Rachel Chen (Read Rachel’s guide to microplastics at Chatelaine.com)

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