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No one died in Toronto’s last flood. That was luck.

Police officers look on as water floods King St. W. during heavy rain, stopping a streetcar in Toronto on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Shlomi Amiga

In today’s Big Story podcast, the city is vulnerable to massive rainstorms. They’re happening more frequently. So what’s the plan? When Toronto flooded during a massive ‘Ninja Storm’ last August that dumped a still-unknown amount of water, it could have been much worse. And while that evening is the most stark example of what severe amounts of rain can do to the downtown in particular, it’s certainly not the only example. So what happens when last August happens again?

We’re used to thinking of climate change as a crisis for the future. But in Toronto and cities across Canada, The Star is examining the changes that have already happened, and what they can tell us about how ready we are for a world where 100-year floods happen much more frequently. Has Toronto learned from last August? Sure. Are changes being made to help the city tackle the problem? Yup. Is the city ready for another storm a year later? Not even close.

GUEST: Moira Welsh, investigative reporter, Toronto Star

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