The Mike Farwell Show
Mar 26: Crime, Government Funding, and The SNC-Lavalin Affair The opening monologue (0:56); Guelph Police reviewing policy of releasing names of people charged with a crime (21:19); Group worries kids with other disabilities forgotten amid autism crisis (43:35); Surge in cannabis use among youth preceded legalization in Canada (1:04:47); Justin Trudeau's only way out of this scandal (1:27:08); Annual CAA Worst Roads Campaign (1:47:49) Mar 26, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 24: Dangerous Behavior, Beer Sales, and Electric Vehicles The opening monologue (0:56); Tri-City Outlaws Football 2019 season (13:55); Man charged for taking selfie on train tracks (21:19); Ford government working with lobbyists to promote corner store beer and wine (44:05); Storm facing Huskies in Memorial Cup semi after 'pretty weird' situation (1:05:01); Waterloo Region Takes Women's Health to Heart by Wearing Red on June 7th (1:16:40); Friday Four panel. Topics: Should municipalities be able to find 4% worth of efficiencies? / Is burying nuclear waste in Bruce County a good idea? / Electric vehicle sales have surged in British Columbia on the heels of new federal incentives and sky high gas prices. Could this trend spread across the country? / Is sharing the road still an effective message for improving road safety? (1:28:00) May 24, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 23: Transit Fares, Climate Change, and Pranks The opening monologue (0:56); Liberal leadership candidate would cut transit fares, take over Gardiner and DVP (21:18); Climate change threatens 'both the economy and the financial system,' says Bank of Canada (42:57); Safe Roads Waterloo Region (1:05:12); How does discrimination affect the LGBTQ community? (1:27:23); The Flip Side: What is the best prank that has been pulle don you? (1:48:02) May 23, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 22: Government Efficiencies, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Media The opening monologue (0:56); Province announces funding to help municipalities, school boards find efficiencies (20:47); Are electric vehicles dangerous? (43:47); Why Bruce County could become home to all of Canada's nuclear waste (1:05:09); Trudeau government unveils plans for digital overhaul (1:26:55); What's on Wednesday! (1:47:14) May 22, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 21: Uptown Waterloo, Carbon Taxes, and Shopping Carts The opening monologue (0:56); 'Pretty good' outlook for Princess cinema (20:25); People are ridiculing Ontario's anti-carbon tax ad for sending the opposite message on mute (42:19); Mennonite Funeral and Burial Traditions book launch (1:02:55); Rant or Rave:You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:25:39) May 21, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 17: Racism, Amber Alerts, and Galt Collegiate Amphitheatre The opening monologue (0:56); Galt Collegiate doesn't need outdoor theatre that's an 'ongoing safety risk,' principal says (21:25); Ford has no plan to stand up for black people, anti-racism: Kitchener MPP (44:16); Memorial Cup: The strengths and weaknesses of all four teams (1:03:43); Waterloo Region Takes Women's Health to Heart by Wearing Red on June 7th (1:18:54); Friday Four Panel. Topics: Should we be worried about a merger of health units between Waterloo, Guelph, Halton, and Peel? / What do you make of the $1.1 billion suit that is in process against Canadian drug manufacturers? / Do we need to change the way we issue Amber Alerts? / Is our two-tiered government system fine just the way it is? (1:27:54) May 17, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 16: Police Funding, Birth Control, and Land Use Acknowledgments The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo Regional Police face more than $800K shortfall after provincial grant cuts (21:04); Canadian drug makers hit with $1.1 billion suit for pushing opioids despite risks (43:57); What's with the territorial acknowledgments at public events in Waterloo Region? (1:05:10); Offer free birth control for youth, Canadian Paediatric Society says (1:28:04); The Flip Side: Which blockbuster movie have you never seen? (1:47:00) May 16, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 15: Living Wage, Amber Alerts, and The Cambridge Multi-Plex The opening monologue (0:56); Anger at early hours Amber Alert on cellphones shows education needed, experts say (22:36); Sports groups have their say on Cambridge recreation facility (44:36); Listowel area becomes just second Ont. municipality with 'living wage (1:06:22); Tori Stafford's killer retracts application for compensation for being moved from healing lodge to prison (1:28:37); What's on Wednesday! (1:47:47) May 15, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 14: Local Healthcare, Amalgamation, and Mental Health The opening monologue (0:56); Health unit in Waterloo Region to amalgamate with three others (21:36); U of T Opens Groundbreaking Centre to Strengthen Vaccine Confidence Through Collaboration (44:07); Guarded girls provides a bleak, painfully real window into life within the prison system (1:06:19); City of Kitchener releases results of survey on amalgamation (1:28:44); Mental Health Monthly segment (1:50:38) May 14, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 13: Amalgamation, Sidewalk Snow Clearing, and The Raptors The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo council to debate amalgamation Monday night (20:16); Kitchener taking another look at sidewalk snow clearing (42:48); Ford's deficit hype conceals Ontario's dirty secret (1:04:18); Kawhi Leonard gives Raptors a chance to write a new story (1:17:27); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:27:57) May 13, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 10: Paramedic Services, Speed Limits, and The ION The opening monologue (0:56); Rotary Vacation fantasy lottery (15:51); Waterloo region paramedic services face $1.2 million budget shortage (23:38); Half of the 16 million Canadians calling government call centres can't get through (43:17); Guelph Storm comes through on home ice (1:04:05); KW Jr. A Braves Lacrosse (1:18:15); Friday Four Panel. Topics: Can Ontario highways handle speed limits over 100 km/h? / Was this a failure on Unifor's part by not keeping the Oshawa plant in full operation? / Are we ready for Light Rail transit? / Do we need to take better care of our wildlife? (1:26:24) May 10, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 9: ION Launch Date, The Auto Sector, and Schools The opening monologue (0:56); ION to launch on June 21 - Here's what you need to know (22:10); GM announces $170M investment in Oshawa plant that will save 300 jobs (44:21); Grand River motorcycle Ride for Dad (1:04:22); High school holds 'adulting' classes (1:26:08); The Flip Side: What words do you have trouble saying? (0:56:51) May 09, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 8: LRT Start Date, Public Sector, and Cambridge State of The City The opening monologue (0:56); LRT start date to be announced tonight, are you ready for the trains to start running? (21:34); Should the public service take a 1% pay cut to help balance the provincial books? (42:37); Cambridge Mayor delivers first State of the City address (1:03:20); 1 million species face extinction as humans plunder nature at 'unprecedented' rate (1:24:37); What's on Wednesday! (1:45:49) May 08, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 7: Electric Cars, Tech Funding, and Crossing The Border The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo Region car owners are going electric (20:55); Communitech reduces staff after provincial funding cut greater than anticipated (44:33); Canada Border Services seizes lawyer's phone, laptop for not sharing passwords (1:04:27); Ask the Chief! Police chief Bryan Larkin stops by for his monthly visit and answers you policing questions (1:27:57) May 07, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 6: Speed Limits, Gas Pump Stickers, and Green Spaces The opening monologue (0:56); Ontario's move to review highway speed limits, explained (21:50); Ontario Green party parodies Doug Ford's carbon tax stickers (43:12); From parking lot to park: Why Depave Paradise is tearing up asphalt across Ontario (1:04:26); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:27:29) May 06, 2019, 03:00 PM
May 3: Kids Can't Wait Radiothon Mike Farwell is on location at KidsAbility for our annual "Kids Can't Wait Radiothon" (0:44) May 03, 2019, 03:00 PM