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Ontario government fires 3 directors after Google deal

TORONTO — The chairwoman of a government organization that signed an agreement with a Google affiliated company to create a smart-city development in Toronto says she and two other appointed board members have been fired.

A unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet is proposing to turn a rundown part of Toronto’s waterfront into what may be the most wired community in history.

Sidewalk Labs had partnered with a government agency known as Waterfront Toronto with plans to erect mid-rise buildings on a 12-acre (4.9-hectare) site.

Waterfront chair Helen Burstyn confirmed Thursday the firing of herself and board members Michael Nobrega and Meric Gertler. A recent audit says the deal was rushed.

Some Canadians are rethinking the privacy implications and want the public to get a cut of the revenue from products developed.

Rob Gillies, The Associated Press