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Waterloo firefighters launch annual public education smoke alarm campaign

Photo from City of Waterloo.

Firefighters in Waterloo will be knocking on doors across the city to educate homeowners about fire safety.

Residents will be asked a series of questions about their fire escape plans, and reminded of the law regarding working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Public Education Officer John Percy tells us in Ontario over 50 per cent of homes don’t have them on every level of their house or outside their sleeping areas. In Waterloo it’s about 10 per cent.

“One of our goals with this program is as we’re educating you on it, even if you do know that you’re required to have them, we’re hoping that it provides the incentive that when the firefighters leave that you do go back into your house,” he says, “and test them all to make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work.”

They’ll visit 4,500 homes between the month of May through the end of September.

If your home is not up to par, Percy says let them know.

“What the program does is it basically gets the homeowners and residents thinking about other fire and life safety questions they have,” he says. “Our firefighters will refer that information to me for follow up…to ensure that the residents are educated when it comes to smoke and carbon monoxide, and fire and life safety in their home.”