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Kitchener is halting speeders with traffic warning pop up signs

An example of a traffic calming sign in the middle-of-the-road. (Photo by CITYNEWS)

Kitchener streets have been invaded by traffic warning signs.

Barry Cronkite, Manager of Transportation Planning with the City of Kitchener, tells The Jennifer Campbell Show the idea behind the bright yellow signs: “They pop up in the middle of the road, they create a visual disruption and in doing so, it makes the lane that you’re in feel narrower than it actually is and causes you to slow down when going around it.”

Cronkite says as drivers, even in our own neighbourhoods, we drive at what we’re comfortable at, so if there’s nothing that disrupts that comfort level, then it’s very easy to speed.

Forty of the signs were put up in the middle of the streets of Kitchener neighbourhoods this month.

Cronkite says the city has roughly 170 streets that are currently on a traffic calming list, so this is why the city is putting up these lower cost traffic warning signs.

He notes that a speed bump costs 15 times more than one of the warning signs.

The signs have been mostly generating positive comments.

“Since they’ve started popping up, we’ve probably had 20 to 30 additional requests for these signs,” Cronkite says.

He says a couple of concerns have been brought forward and they’re normally about the placement of where the sign is in relation to someone trying to park near them.

He adds that speeding is by far the most common concern that staff at the city hears from residents.