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Mayor says Cambridge on "the brink of a renaissance" at State of the City address

Last Updated Apr 27, 2018 at 11:36 am EDT

Erin Anderson

The Mayor of Cambridge laid his plans for 2018 at last night’s State of the City address.

Mayor Doug Craig says the city is on the brink of a renaissance, noting that economic growth and enhancements to downtown life are pointing the city in a positive direction.

“This is all creating more public space to encourage people to be out and about in the downtown core,” says Mayor Craig.

“Our vision to revitalize downtown and attract new business and residents to our river-city is becoming a reality. It’s about quality of life. It’s about pride of place. These landmarks are the sort of things that draw people and investment to a city,” says Craig.

Mayor Craig also addressed the city’s addiction issues.

He says the community has come together to support needle clean-up programs and city task force aimed to look at supervised injection sites.

But – he says he is looking to solutions that will help prevent drug abuse issues before they start.

“I would like to explore the Icelandic model of drug and alcohol prevention,” he said. “Iceland has seen excellent results in the battle against teenage drinking, smoking and drug abuse by implementing more structured and organized activities that truly engage and inspire teenagers.”

Mayor Craig says facilities like the proposed Multiplex and the soon to be unveiled Ideas Exchange library are keys in providing youth with more activities.