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There is no planet B, so be kind to the earth

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Without you, there would be no Earth Day.

Sunday is a day that is powered by people taking steps to live a greener life and reduce their carbon footprint.

David Moss local owner of JUSTJUNK says in Waterloo Region there are a number of options where residents and commercial businesses can take their materials to minimize what they’re putting into landfill.

“Some of them are regionally run, but also companies like ourselves offer specialized services in recycling and donating materials. For example, we utilize a lot of the local charities like Thrift on Kent, Salvation Army thrift stores, Bibles for Missions, and Habitat for Humanity.”

Moss says his company also has recycling partners for asphalt shingles, tires, scrap metals, cardboard and electronics.

He adds that the environment is top of mind for a lot of people in wanting to reduce their environmental impact by disposing materials that can have a second life.

So with Earth Day in mind, Moss is offering five quick and easy tips to make your environmental footprint a little lighter:

1. Remember your three R’s
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! These are the three R’s that can help make being eco-conscious everyday easy. Use water filters and reusable water containers instead of plastic water bottles. Find reusable alternatives to frequently disposed-of items such as diapers and grocery bags

2. Your spring cleaning can help others
If you are itching to get rid of items such as furniture that you may not want, know that it can be put to good use. So before you throw your couch to the curb, remember that it could be used in someone else’s home

3. Know that you have resources
If you are unsure about how to dispose of larger items such as hot tubs, appliances or exercise equipment, know that you have resources available to help you make the most eco-conscious decision. Look to local community swap groups to see if you can exchange something for an item that you may need

4. Composting
Refresh yourself on what is considered compostable. Items such as food leftovers, fruit and vegetable peelings, cat litter, coffee grounds and filters, egg shells and even wood chips may be considered compostable dependent on your area. Check with your local waste management provider for which household materials they pick up as compost

5. Grass-cycling programs
Did you know that you can use old grass clippings as mulch? If you are in need of a little landscape refresher, your old grass clippings can be used to enrich your soil and make your garden very happy