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Andrea Horwath says change is on the horizon for the leadership of Ontario

Photo by 570's Khalil Hassanali.

Prior to the provincial election just over six weeks from now, Andrea Horwath made a stop in Guelph on Saturday speaking at a nomination meeting.

Horwath is adamant Ontarians want major change, and she is ready to claim the main stage.

The NDP leader was emphatic when saying, although people in general may not embrace change, it’s sometimes necessary for the greater good.

Horwath says in June, Ontarians will have a hand in making positive shifts.

“There’s a stark choice people have to make come election day and people do want change. This is a change election and what we’re offering is change for the better.”

She went on to say it’s become clear the current system is broken.

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are not going to be the government. So that leads people to ask themselves what kind of government do we want to see and how can help to make sure that government is put in place.”

Horwath says people thinking about the future have an easy choice if it comes down to the NDP against the PCs.

“What Mr.Ford is offering is a lot of bumper sticker talk, a lot of headline grabbing slogans. When you look at the cuts he is suggesting, he is going to drag our province backwards.”

Out of the three main parties, the NDP party is the one not involved in the trash-talking and Horwath wants to keep it that way.

“They’re fighting over who is going to be the worst premier, whether it’s Doug Ford or Kathleen Wynne. I’m focusing on who’s going to make the best premier, which is a person focused on making life better for Ontarians.”