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City of Cambridge re: water main break in Galt: "We're still working on liability"


The City of Cambridge needs more time to figure out who is responsible for Tuesday’s massive watermain break in downtown Galt.

However, Director of Public Works, Jamie Austin, tells 570 NEWS the city is learning more about what happened.

He says a “pretty much perfect six-inch hole” was knocked out of the top of the water main.

1,300 cubic metres of water shot 80 feet into the air before the break was brought under control.

Austin says the break itself was caused by a third-party contractor working for the City of Cambridge.

But he had no comment on what liability the City might be facing for all the damage.

“We’re still working on liability, or who should be answering for this.”

He says that includes sorting out what actions were taken, and what information people at the work site had.

Vehicles were hit by flying debris, and two buildings were flooded, including the basement of the Region of Waterloo’s McDougall Cottage historic site.

Austin says despite those damages, in terms of the actual size of the break, the City has seen larger breaks in the last couple of years.

He says anyone who wants to file a claim with the City can contact City Hall.