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Cambridge's Langdon Hall rated among Canada's best restaurants

Photo courtesy Langdon Hall

From rubbing elbows with Drake, to rolling up the rankings, Langdon Hall gets a big thumbs up from the website Canadas100Best.com

“Despite a substantial recent expansion of both hotel and dining room, Langdon Hall remains as exclusive as ever—and maybe more so,” they state, “A lot of that has to do with the exceptional service experience, which is Old World in its attention to detail but never strays to pretension.”

And the food itself?

“Exceptional,” says the website, “(Chef Jason Bangerter’s) cooking features classical influences with very modern execution. And from the plates he serves it on (often made by local artisans) to the unusual local forage (from wild orange to wood sorrel) he incorporates in the mix, the experience is emphatically rooted in its place. Summer menus are complemented by fine produce from the hotel garden. Come fall, the truffle menu is legendary.”

The restaurant can be seen in a picture in Drake’s 2016 “VIEWS” album.

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