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When it comes to going green, the University of Guelph doesn't have to grasp at straws -- literally

Logo from University of Guelph.

There’s going to be a lot less plastic on the University of Guelph’s main campus next year.

The school is getting rid of all plastic bags and plastic straws at its retail stores and in-house dining spots.

A statement from the University’s Executive Director of Hospitality Services, Ed Townsley, says it’s a small change, but important, and it was the students who came up with the idea.

It’s expected this change will keep 155,000 plastic bags and 175,000 plastic straws out of the landfills every year.

However, Townsley says the change only applies to the University’s facilities: fast-food franchises on campus are exempt, because they have their own corporate policies.

Even so, he says, “It’s a small but important change with a huge impact,” adding it was the students who brought the idea forward, and and it was easy to make the switch.