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Kitchener launches first Neighbourhood Markets program

Photo courtesy of lovemyhood.ca.

Why head to the market for local food and crafts when you can just step outside your front door?

The Kitchener Market has teamed up with the Love My Hood strategy to launch the city’s first Neighbourhood Markets program.

Darren Kropf, Neighbourhood Development Office Associate with the City of Kitchener, says to get started all you have to do is visit LoveMyHood.ca and on there will be a step-by-step guide that walks you through the whole process. “The other thing that we’ve done is we’ve developed a bookable pop-up market kit that has all the equipment needed to host a market, including tents, tables, baskets, cash box, signage and more.”

Kropf says you can purchase your produce from Public Health Certified Farmers. “So not to sell from your own backyard, but what we also are committed to doing is connecting you with Kitchener Market farmer’s vendors. They’re eager to sell their products to you, so you will be able to purchase what’s appropriate to your neighbourhood, set up your stand, and then sell it.”

The program is free as well as the bookable pop-up market kit.

Stop by the Kitchener Market today from 8 a.m., until noon to check out the program.