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"Enough is enough": WRPS ready to take tougher approach on St. Patrick's Day

Last Updated Apr 18, 2018 at 10:50 pm EDT


It’s here – and Regional Police say they’re ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

Preparing for the worst, police say they will take a tougher approach this Paddy’s Day than in years past.

Part of that strategy means cracking down on unsanctioned street parties on Ezra Avenue.

WRPS Chief Bryan Larkin says they are hoping to promote a more responsible celebration this year.

“This isn’t about not having a good time, but have a good time at a licensed venue, throw a house party, throw a backyard BBQ if the weather permits, just do business differently – and lets start moving forward.”

Larkin adds those who choose to take the party to the street won’t get away with breaking the law.

“Walking down the middle of Ezra Avenue while flagrantly violating liquor laws will not be tolerated this year. Officers will be taking a firm, more stringent approach.”

Larkin says he hopes this year will be the start of long-term change.

“It is also about sending a message that we are changing the narrative. This can’t continue, enough is enough. The economic impact on the police service alone, not to mention all the other stakeholders is significant.”

Last year, 15,000 partygoers crammed the Ezra Avenue neighbourhood for the annual unsanctioned party.