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Holiday houseguests barricade themselves, refuse to leave Fergus home: OPP

File photo from The Canadian Press.

Imagine inviting a couple to stay with you over the holidays – and they Don’t. Ever. Leave.

That’s the horror story that one Fergus homeowner has been facing since New Year’s Eve.

Constable Marylou Schwindt with Wellington County OPP says it’s a bizarre case of invited houseguests, that just wouldn’t leave.

“I think we’ve all had guests that we wished would make a departure.. but these houseguests arrived on New Year’s Eve, and simply wouldn’t leave. Eventually the tenants gave us a call so we could help them out – as the two people had actually barricaded themselves inside of the bedroom, and were using a window as an entry and access point.”

Schwindt says police went in and searched the room – where they found marijuana, cocaine, and trafficking paraphernalia.

There’s no current dollar estimate available for the drugs.

“Any time a situation escalates where you have houseguests locking themselves in your bedroom, and are using a bathroom window as an entry and access point .. well that’s gone beyond the usual realms, so always call police and seek assistance.”

Schwindt adds that if you’re ever staying with someone, and they ask you to leave – just take the hint!

“I think these houseguests wish they would’ve left when they were asked. 33-year-old Darren Dilje of Elora and 23-year-old Ceilidh Evans of Fergus are both facing possession of marijuana and cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. The male party, Dilje, was also charged with two counts of failure to comply with an undertaking.”

Schwindt says the pair will appear in Guelph Criminal Court on March 20.