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Region launches online tool to connect families with services and supports

(Family Compass)

A one-stop resource for locating the right services for your family has launched in our region.

The site is called FamilyCompassWR.ca – and Jaime Jacomen with our Region’s Children and Youth Planning Table tells the Jennifer Campbell Show that it begins with three doors on the homepage.

“The first door is the ‘Search for Services’ which is that general inventory for social services and recreational services for children and youth in the community. Users can go in and use that search tool to really start to look at what they might be looking for by using the search field.”

The second door, ‘I Have a Concern’ is set up as a tool to help find local organizations that can help address development concerns in a child or youth.

The third door ‘Resources for Parents’ is a link to a website that offers resources for parents to learn, find support and connect with other parents.

Jacomen notes that there is a link for organizations in the community that don’t pop up on the site when someone searches for a specific service in the region.

The website launched February 12th and was under development for the past year and is supported by members of the Children and Youth Planning Table of Waterloo Region in partnership with the Special Needs Strategy Planning Table and Moving on Mental Health Initiative.