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Kitchener tech company strives for more diversity in the workplace


A Kitchener tech company is rebalancing the gender scales, when it comes to the workplace.

CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard, Michael Litt, understands that a more diverse workforce has big benefits.

Litt says the first step to changing the male dominated tech world is by talking openly about the fact that there are gaps. “A more equally represented workforce will have more diverse ideas, and when you’re building technology for a global ecosystem diversity is an incredible strength.

Litt says we have to think about it now and we have to think about the talent programming for the future.

Litt tells 570 NEWS when Vidyard was designing their maternity leave policy, it was done in isolation. “It was something that was a check box without actually having the dialogue with new mothers or second time mothers who had actually taken time off and biologically had a child.”

“It sounds crazy, now to even say that was the case, but it is simply the way a lot of organizations do it,” he says.

He says diversity in the workplace also starts with consulting your employees.

He adds to make the tech world more diverse–it has to start with business leaders addressing their unconscious bias.