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Canadian tech magazine highlights 5 KW tech companies to watch in 2018

Photo Courtesy: BETAKIT 150

A few local tech companies could be making a big splash in 2018.

Canadian tech magazine Beta-Kit is out with a list of the top 5 KW tech companies to watch in the New Year.

Author of the list is Communitech’s marketing Manager Alex Kinsella who gives us a break down for why these five companies made the list.


Locally based SSIMWAVE was born at the University of Waterloo. They specialize in improving the quality of online video streaming and reduce the bandwidth it requires.

Kinsella says this industry is poised for major growth, “A lot of people across the globe are getting rid of cable right now so there is a lot of bandwidth being used for video content and SSIMWAVE’s technology enables them to deliver the highest quality content with the least amount of bandwidth.”

  1. Thalmic Labs

You have likely heard the name before, they make wearable tech such as the Myo armband.

Kinsella says they have raised a lot of money, expanded their local foot print and are sitting on the best kept secret in Waterloo, “They bought the old Schreiter’s plant, they are hiring like crazy and they are working on something and hopefully we will hear something about that later this year.”

  1. Kiite

A name you might not have heard of is Kiite.

Kiite is a Chatbot developer that allows companies to interact more efficiently with customers.

Kiite is founded by establish entrepreneur Joseph Fung who has a track record of building successful companies.

  1. Meya.ai

Meya.ai is also in the chatbot consumer relations field, but they specialize in software that allows companies to use chatbots over several platforms.

Kinsella says the emergence of chatbots as a useful tool and the efficiency Meya.ai provide will likely make them a winner.

  1. Miovision

Another name you are likely familiar with, Miovision is a leader in smart city tech.

The company specializes in traffic solutions and making cities more efficient.

Kinsella says they are on the cutting edge of this highly sought after technology, “There is a lot of technology and research going into that, how do you actually make a city smarter, Miovision’s focus is on traffic, the sky is the limit for that technology.”