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Police warn of scams targeting business owners, Guelph residents

Image from Guelph Police Service.

Our local police services are out with a warning when it comes to a couple new scams making the rounds.

Regional Police say suspects are pulling one over on local business owners – as customers will pay for a cheap item with a large bill, and ask for specific bills back as change.

Due to the quick action, some store owners have ended up getting duped, and handed back too much money.

They’re reminding store owners to keep anyone’s money on top of the register while getting their change – to ensure there’s no confusion.

Meantime, Guelph Police are warning of a scam involving iTunes gift cards.

They say someone claiming to be with the Canadian Revenue Agency is phoning residents, and telling them they owe the government money.

The victims are then ordered to pay that debt with gift cards, but police say a legitimate organization would NEVER do this.

If you get one of these calls, hang up immediately, and report it to police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.