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Keep away from the water: Flood Watch issued for Grand River watershed

Last Updated Jan 11, 2018 at 4:32 am EDT

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As a warming trend gives way to a big melt, following a fresh dumping of snow on Monday, the agency responsible for the Grand River systems has issued a flood watch for the entire watershed.

Officials with the Grand River Conservation Authority say rivers and streams across the Region are at an elevated risk of increased flows, resulting in minor flooding especailly in low-lying areas. That’s as temperatures continue to rise above the freezing mark, coupled with the rainfaill begining on Wednesday. They say there’s also the potential for ice jams to form in areas such as Grand Valley, West Montrose, and Cayuga.

The public is being urged to stay away from banks near rivers and streams, as they pose a serious hazard in these current weather conditions.

The flood watch is in effect until Friday, when temperatures are forecast to drop rapidly, lowering the risk of additional run off.

As a result, ice fishing at Belwood Lake reservoir will be suspended for the time being, while Cambridge city staff are preparing to close Blackbridge Road at the Speed River on Friday. The low level bridge upstream of St. Jacobs is also expected to close Thursday evening and remain in effect for much of the day on Friday.

Frozen water bodies will also be weakened.