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Heffner Studio brings cutting edge technology to Kitchener Public Library

Last Updated Dec 18, 2017 at 3:23 pm EDT

Photo courtesy of Kitchener Public Library.

The digital studio at Kitchener Public Library will soon be getting a big boost thanks to a $200,000 donation from the Heffner family.

With 3,800 square feet on the library’s main floor, the new Heffner Studio will offer library goers the chance to use a brand new virtual reality station, along with 3D printers, a green screen, and more.

The space opened in fall of 2016, and has been a popular destination in the community ever since.

Mary Chevreau, CEO of Kitchener Public Library says the library’s digital hub continues to be one of their most popular services.

“This sapce is booked solid all day long, every day. You can’t just watch up to virtual reality, you have to book a session with virtual reality, same with 3D printers.”

The Heffner Studio will also support musical and artistic literary, with a live studio for music as well as two production studios.

John Heffner, co-owner of Heffner Motors says the decision was an easy one for him, as someone who grew up often visiting the local library.

“My close friend Harold, we use to go and get astronomy books, and we would play trivia over the telephone for three hours at a time.”

Chevreau adds the focus on new technology is part of the city’s identity.

“That is who we are, we are known for our innovation and our creativity. We work of course in a creative hub in terms of tech. So this library should represent that creative edge as well.”

Construction on the Heffner Studio is scheduled to begin in spring of 2018. and is expected to open sometime in the fall.