The Mike Farwell Show
Tuesday November 28th, 2017 - 11am Torstar and Postmedia swap newspapers, close many of the titles / Charity Myths and Legends Nov 28, 2017, 02:00 PM
Dec 12: Provincial Politics, Violent Youth, and Brexit The opening monologue (0:56); Bikes for Kids (6:55); Lip Off KW (13:45); Denley: Premier Doug Ford could give his policies a boost by simply explaining them (22:16); Altercation between St. Mary's students and security guard at nearby plaza posted on Instagram (44:27); Visiting With The Kitchener Rangers (1:05:29); Britain's Confident Vote, BREXIT (1:28:26); What's on Wednesday (1:49:18) Today at 03:00 PM
Dec 11: City Budgets, Safe Injection Sites, and Mental Health The opening monologue (0:56); Hundreds of fee increases on the table at City of Kitchener finance meeting (22:40); 'People need help, not stigma': Guelph council unanimously supports safe injection site (44:48); 'This kid's a fighter': Guelph father donates kidney to son (1:05:03); Pedestrian bridge could be named after Craig (1:28:39); Mental Health Segment (1:49:06) Dec 11, 2018, 03:00 PM
Dec 10: Censorship, Ontario's Greenbelt, and WSIB Claims The opening monologue (0:56); Christkindl Controversy (21:22); MPPs call on the WSIB to review hundreds of denied claims from former rubber workers (45:12); Municipalities could bypass provincial safeguards under new bill (1:05:54); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:28:51) Dec 10, 2018, 03:00 PM
Dec 07: First Ministers' Meeting, Ford Government Addresses Municipal Tendering, Two Day All Way GO The Opening Monologue (00:56); First ministers' meeting likely to be most fractious, least productive for PM (21:30); Chamber Commends Ford Government for Addressing Unfairness in Municipal Tendering (44:44); The Coach’s Show w Jay McKee (1:06:06); Sime's shutout gives Bourque record-setting win (1:20:25); Friday Four Panel (1:29:25) Dec 07, 2018, 03:00 PM
Dec 06: Ontario Auditor General Report, Illegally Passing School Buses, Climate Change & CHYM Tree of Hope The Opening Monologue (00:56); Ontario auditor general report will be gift to Doug Ford government (22:30); Drivers will now lose licence if they illegally pass a school bus (44:01); Federal Government warned climate change's effects will be like a 'slow-moving international war' (1:06:02); CHYM Tree of Hope 2018 (1:28:33); Local two-way, all-day GO service may be delayed until 2030 (1:40:06); Thumbs up Thursday! (1:49:16); Five minutes with Farwell (2:06:06). Dec 06, 2018, 03:00 PM
Dec 05: Should Ford Have Recused?, Ken Seiling Reflects on his Decades in Politics, Baby It's Cold Outside Pulled from Canadian Radio Stations The opening monologue (00:56); Ford didn’t recuse himself from decision to make his friend OPP commissioner (21:08); Ken Seiling reflects on his decades in politics (44:31); 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' pulled from some Canadian radio stations (1:28:34); Christkindl Market (1:49:54); Christmas with the Ennis Sisters (2:00:44) Dec 05, 2018, 03:00 PM
Dec 04: Impaired Driver Names Released, Doug Ford & Gun Control and the AWARE Challenge The opening monologue (00:56); York regional police will now release the names of people charged with impaired driving (21:17); Doug Ford and gun control (44:26); The AWARE Challenge International Day of Persons with Disabilities (1:04:56); UNIFOR President says 'F*** You' to Premier Ford in televised speech (1:28:48); Champions for Charity (1:49:04) Dec 04, 2018, 03:00 PM
Dec 03: Cambridge Memorial Hospital Expansion, Food Bank Hunger Report & Week of Giving The opening monologue (0:56); Cambridge Memorial prepares to push hard to get expansion finished (21:20); Hunger crisis for seniors foreshadowed in food bank report (44:28); Week of Giving (1:05:43); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:28:18) Dec 03, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 30: Weddings, Climate Change, and Hazing The opening monologue (0:56); City says wedding hall booking cancelled for 'safety' (9:16); OHL Statement Regarding Hazing (22:19); Ontario climate change plan includes fund to help big polluters reduce emissions (46:06); The Kitchener Rangers Coach's Show w/ Jay McKee (1:05:49); Charity calendar represents 'real' female motorcycle riders (1:20:55); The Friday Four Panel: Topics: Is Ontario moving in the right direction with its Climate Change announcement? / How does Oshawa recover from the GM plant closure? / Should the Federal Government be bailing out the media industry? / Does the City of Kitchener Owe a recently married couple $20,000? (1:29:09) Nov 30, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 29: Climate Change, Shoplifting, and Referees The opening monologue (0:56); Ontario government unveils climate change plan Thursday - without Justin Trudeau's carbon tax (22:52); First-time shoplifters won't be charged by Toronto police in pilot project (44:02); Athlete of the Year is no more (1:06:00); Ice hockey officials' coping and performance (1:29:03); Thumbs up Thursday: You're up! Highlighting the positivity in Waterloo Region (1:49:59) Nov 29, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 28: Unions, Journalism, and Alcohol The opening monologue (0:56); Are unions still relevant in Canada? (22:09); Liberals' $600M aid package for news media will irrevocably politicize the press (43:04); It's true, living in a cold place means you're more likely to drink (1:28:08); Music city street sign allegedly stolen (1:40:03); What's on Wednesday: Noteworthy Singers / Catholic Community Foundation (1:48:54) Nov 28, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 27: Dog By-Laws, Politicians, and Volunteer Firefighters Nov 27, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 26: GM Plant Closing, Andrew Scheer, and Minor Hockey The opening monologue (0:56); General Motors to phase down operations in Oshawa (21:40); Local parent upset with Hockey Canada (44:14); Andrew Scheer's 'problematic' leadership sparks concern among Conservatives (1:06:11); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:28:54) Nov 26, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 23: HW 7 Delays, Canada Post Strike, and Bullying The opening monologue (0:56); New Highway 7 between Waterloo Region and Guelph delayed again (21:54); 'We're outraged': Union rips Liberal back-to-work bill for Canada Post carriers (45:08); The Kitchener Rangers Coach's Show w/ Jay McKee (1:06:40); The Bully Effect (1:19:29); The Friday Four Panel: Topics: Do we use too much salt on our roadways? / Should we be embracing self-checkouts at grocery stores? / What is the correct way to approach the gun issue in Canada? / Is high speed rail still a viable project between Windsor and Toronto? (1:29:45) Nov 23, 2018, 03:00 PM
Nov 22: Policing Resources, High Speed Rail, and A Flash From The Past The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo Regional Police struggling to meet demands, desperate for 47 new officers (22:23); Fall economic statement sets target of 50 per cent export growth by 2025 (44:15); Flash from the Past: 140 Photographs from the Waterloo Region Record (1:07:34); Ford government may scrap high-speed rail corridor between Toronto, Windsor (1:28:54); Thumbs Up Thursday!: You're up! Highlighting the positivity in Waterloo Region. (1:50:43) Nov 22, 2018, 03:00 PM