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Canada, Britain launch new alliance to end the use of coal power

(iStock Photo)

Canada is leading the way on an international push to phase out the use of coal power. The federal government has announced it is working with the UK on a global alliance to give the fossil fuel the boot.

More than 25 countries and US states are already on board, working with this alliance to phase out coal.

“The world has moved on and coal is not coming back,” says federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who teamed up with her UK counterpart to launch the Global Alliance to Power Past Coal.

“The world is working together on climate change and there’s huge momentum for that transition,”

McKenna says the alliance will see governments helping other governments make the positive change. She hopes they can pressure the largest coal polluters in the world, like China and India, to sign on. She says this goes beyond a simple climate problem.

“Air pollution from coal has terrible consequences for health,” she adds. “Around the world, air pollution from coal contributes to nearly a million deaths a year and billions of dollars in economic costs.”

Canada has committed to phasing out coal by 2030, while the US is heading in the opposite direction as President Donald Trump looks to get rid of regulations on the fossil fuel.