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Guelph Police lay 112 charges in just the first week of a safety blitz

570 News - Adam Haga

In the first week of a police safety blitz on a busy street in Guelph, police laid five times as many charges for speeding as for distracted driving.

During Project Corridor, police are patrolling seven kilometres of Gordon Street between St. Clair Road and Waterloo Avenue.

There were 112 charges laid in the first week: those include 61 for speeding, but only 12 for distracted driving.

The rest were various other driving and bicycling offences.

Constable Buzz Dean tells 570NEWS that’s a somewhat surprising number, because stats show distracted driving is overtaking speeding as a cause of crashes.

He expects the numbers will increase in the second half of the blitz, wrapping up on November 17.

Police are focussing on that part of Gordon Street due to an increase in commercial and residential development.

They says those factors have lead to a substantial increase in vehicular, cycling and pedestrian traffic.