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Waterloo Region breaks weather record overnight, dating back more than 90 years

A thermometre, showing -25C, is partially encaissed in ice, on Friday Jan. 12, 2007 in Regina, Sask. Regina residents woke up to temperatures reaching -48C on Friday. (CP PHOTO/Troy Fleece) Canada

Temperatures dropped so low overnight Friday, Waterloo Region broke another weather record.

Environment Canada says we hit a chilly minus 13, smashing the old record of minus 9.4 set way back in 1926.

It’s our second record-setting temperature in the last 24 hours, as Friday morning’s low was another one for the books, with the arrival of the season’s first snowfall.

However, Severe Weather Meteorologist Rob Kuhn says cold snaps at this time of the year do tend to be short lived.

“When we look back in the records going over the last 100 years, it’s not unusual, but it doesn’t happen all the time,” he says. “We’ve had this before and we’ll probably see it again.”

Kuhn says Friday night was a night much more typical of mid-to-late January, but minuses in the double digits aren’t the new normal just yet. While Remembrance Day will be below normal with the high near minus 1, a return to more season temperatures is expected next week, with highs nearing 6 or 7 degrees.