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Local cadets take part in Remembrance Day ceremonies

4 Cadets and the Cambridge Army Cadet mascot, Chief Warrant Officer Hippoe, travelled to Vimy Ridge in France for the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge. Photo Courtesy of 21 Cambridge Army Cadets.

Some local youth in Cambridge are taking part in today’s Remembrance Day ceremonies–supporting two legions.

Captain Robbin McQueen is the Operational Officer with 21 Cambridge Army Cadets.

He tells 570 NEWS the 21 Royal Highland Fusilers of Canada will have their pipe and drums band, a flag party, and some cadets at the Hespeler Cenotaph today.

The rest of his crew will be in Galt for the service.

He says they will be marching and taking part in the service and will also lay a wreath.

McQueen says the cadets go out with the poppy campaign, paired up with veterans at the time of year, and also took part in the Ayr service this month.

Last year four of their cadets visited Vimy Ridge and did a project on it.

McQueen says he thinks it’s very important to keep the remembrance going.

“This was all built on the blood and sweat of people who were willing to lay down their lives to make sure that we got our way of life,” he says.

The Captain says 21 Army Cadets are involved in the community year round, helping with park clean ups, and the ArtsFest.

The 12-18 year-olds join to become good citizens, learn great leadership, and some do go on and join the army.

Two are now at RMC – Royal Military College and some have joined the reserve.