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ION's second train starts track testing later this week

Photo by Lisa Drew, 570 NEWS.

With train two being delivered early this month, GrandLinq can now strart to test the various components of the ION system.

“The testing starts with non-powered tests, so they are going to take it out into the yard they are going to make sure all the calibrations, the wheels all the moving parts are operating properly but in a non powered situation,” said Tom Galloway, Waterloo Regional Councillor.

GrandLinq is in the process of installing their equipment and will be starting non-powered testing, of train two at the end of the week.

Testing the train with no power is a safer way to test certian aspects of the system and the tracks themselves, as they have not had a train on them before.

Powered testing will start in about two weeks.

The project is already five to six months behind the originally scheduled due date, so what about the rest of the trains? “Assemblely of the 13th vehicle are already underway, so vehicles one through thirteen are either complete or in various stages of assemblely with (trains) three and four completely assemble, five and six basically assembled,” said Galloway.

Galloway says that the Spring 2018 due date should be met “the track system itself, as people know, is basically built there are a few deficiencies and few more that will be determined during the testing process, that is partially what the testing is for, so baring any major complications particularly on the Bombardier side we’re fairly confident.”

Once powered testing starts and if you want to get a look at the new train in action the test track for the ION runs from the corner of Caroline Street to Conestoga Mall.