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Thousands of motorcyclists expected to visit Port Dover for Friday the 13th

Ontario Provincial Police are prepared for an increase in visitors to Port Dover today, for a time old tradition of Friday the 13th.

“We’re anticipating approximately 80,000 to 100,000 people that are going to descend to Port Dover, so we’re just asking for the public to be patient due to the increase of motorcycle traffic that is expected,” says Constable Ed Sanchuk. “The motoring public is being asked to be extra vigilant, and to take a little more time in making manoeuvers such as signalling turns and checking blind spots.”

One of their biggest concerns with a large event like this, especially one that involves motor vehicles and motorcycles, is impaired driving.

“There’s only so many ways into Port Dover, and out of Port Dover, I can guarantee you’re going to run into one of our R.I.D.E spot checks, so, we just want to make sure everyone acts in a safe, responsible manner,” warns Constable Sanchuk.

In past years, OPP have also had problems with motorcyclists arriving in Port Dover while texting or taking pictures on their phones, which OPP says takes their attention off the roadway, and puts them at risk.

“A lot of the collisions that we do deal with are either serious life threatening injuries or fatalities.”

Traffic will be redirected on a number of roads to make sure traffic and pedestrians flow safely.

St George Street will become a one way street for south bound traffic only.

St Andrew Street will become a one way street for north bound traffic only.

Main Street will be closed to through traffic.

Also closed are:

Nelson Street from Main Street to St Patrick Street.

Nelson Street to St George Street.

St Patrick Street from Chapman Street to Bridge Street.

Clinton Street from St Andrew’s Street to St Patrick Street.

Union Street at Prospect Street.

Additionally, traffic barriers will be placed depending on traffic volume on Main Street, St George Street, and St Andrews Street from Walker Street to Nelson Street.

Parking will not be allowed on the east side of St Andrew Street or the west side of St George Street for the entire day.