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Drivers not doing right, still making left, despite new signs

Photo from Jeff Pickel - 570 NEWS.

A few new “no left-turn” signs in Kitchener and Waterloo are causing confusion among local commuters.

The new signs are up at King and Victoria in Kitchener and Erb and Caroline in Waterloo, however it appears the signs are largely being ignored.

Seldom do the lights change without seeing at least one illegal turn at each busy intersection.

The signs have been up for several weeks so why is this still happening?

Is it because people have not seen the signs? Or they have seen the signs and just don’t care?

Region of Waterloo manager of transportation Bob Henderson says people see the signs, but are choosing to ignore them.

“I think there is a proportion of the population that might not see the signs, but I think there is proportion of the public that do see the signs and are risking the chance of getting a ticket.” Said Henderson

Henderson adds that if the problem persists much longer, it may become a situation where more police involvement is needed,

“We do feel that it should be an immediate change, the traffic laws are the traffic laws, but we see it does take time for people to change there habits, it might require more enforcement from the police.”

The signs at King and Victoria and Erb and Caroline are in place to help with traffic flows once LRT service begins.

If you are caught disobeying a no left turn sign, it will cost you $85.00 and earn two demerit points.