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Trailblazing exhibit at WR Museum takes a look back at influential women

Image from www.waterlooregionmuseum.ca

It’s the chance to look back at some of Canada’s most important, influential women.

The ‘Trailblazing – Women in Canada’ exhibit opens at the Waterloo Region Museum starting this Friday.

Collections curator and registrar Stacy McLennan says it’s really the chance to highlight many Canadian women who may be unknown to Canadian society today.

“We cover 150 years of history, so we’re looking from the Confederation in 1867 up to the women’s marches that happened in 2017. We were lucky enough to have an advisory committee to help us refine our content, and we look at women with local ties, those who trained here during the Second World War, women in STEM, and even women in sports.”

The exhibit will also be available to other Canadian museums starting sometime next year.

It runs locally until January 7th. You can learn more about it by clicking here.