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Cambridge considers ranked ballot referendum in 2018

Last Updated Sep 12, 2017 at 3:58 pm EDT

Old City Hall, via Google Street View

The 2018 municipal election could be the last Cambridge voters are use to.

The city is considering changing the way it elects local politicians, from the traditional first past the post to a ranked ballot.

Instead of choosing a single candidate, the new system would allow voters to rank all candidates from most preferred to least preferred .

The result would mean no candidate could win an election without a 50 per cent majority of the votes.

So far London is the only city in the province to adopt a ranked ballot for its municipal elections.

The city is looking to the public for their input through a number of consultations.

Cambridge City Clerk Michael Di Lullo says so far feedback has been mixed.

“To look at some of the feedback it has been mixed. Some people in favour some people not. With anything new, your going to have a mixed reaction to changing things.”

Di Lullo adds the decision to consult the public was deliberate on the part of council.

“Part of the discussion here in Cambridge was to consult the general public and put a question on the ballot for next years election based on the voting system.”

The next public hearing is Wednesday in the Bowman Room of Cambridge City Hall at 6 PM.

A final report is expected to go before council at a later date.

If approved the question would to referendum in 2018.