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Ex-officer with Regional Police wants to train board members

Photo from 570's Erin Anderson

A former constable with Regional Police is renewing her call for change in Canadian policing.

Kelly Donovan presented to members of the local police services board at their monthly meeting Wednesday about her company, which offers training and consulting on ethics.

She spoke about the need to train police services boards across Canada to ensure more effective oversight, and protect whistleblowing officers from retaliation.

But the board said any training needs to go through procurement policies, and when she asked if she could leave business cards on the table, Donovan was told that would be inappropriate.

“I know it’s not going to happen overnight, and I knew nobody would ask any questions,” Donovan says. “It wasn’t a way for me to pitch my business. It was more my way to express why they need this type of change so dramatically.”

Donavan resigned from the force in June citing corruption within the service when conducting internal investigations.

“A presentation like this, in my opinion, is offering an opportunity for leadership,” says Donovan. “And I have not seen any interest in doing that by anyone I’ve spoken to in my journey.”