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Large turnout in Waterloo for anti-fascism rally

Painting honouring Heather Heyer, who was killed during the Charlottesville attacks. Photo by Kayla Kreutzberg, 570 NEWS.

It was a peaceful rally in Waterloo Public Square, Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of people came out to show their support for those impacted in the Charlottesville attacks.

The rally was put together by a new group called “Kitchener-Waterloo Against Fascism.”

Alex Stephenson is one of the driving forces behind the rally, and says we need to gather to grieve the loss of one of our anti-fascism comrades and all the other people who suffered horrible injuries in Charlottesville.

“We also need to get to work organizing,” Stephenson says, “so the events in Charlottesville never happen here in Kitchener.”

Lilly, who attended the rally, says as a white woman she wants to make sure she’s using her privilege in the proper way.

“To make sure I can have tough conversations with the people who I’m close with and who are in my spaces,” she says, “and hold people accountable if I’m seeing things that are being said and done that are problematic.”

She adds she came out to the rally to be a part of her community and to see what positive changes can be made when we all gather together.

Ryan, whose part of the “Kitchener Waterloo Against Fascism” group says everyone is aware of the clashing and violence between the anti-fascists and fascists, but this is one of the first times a big attack happened where the public became aware that this is a very real thing.

“There is violence and people will lose their lives,” he says.

Joshua, who is a 9-year-old that attended the rally with his family, believes all people should be treated as equals: “There have already been two wars and I don’t believe there should be a new war over this.”

There was no violence at the rally, just a community coming together.