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30 suspicious fires in Wellington County in 11 months

Wellington County OPP investigating 30 suspicious fires since September 2016 Jeff Pickel / 570 News

When you hear the word rural, one of the first thoughts that pops into your head is quiet and safe, but for the people and businesses in the rural areas around Guelph that safe feeling is fading.

There have been 30 suspicious fires since last September in Wellington County and the fires are mainly focused around the rural areas of Guelph.

“Everybody is very concerned, everybody is on the alert, everybody is on the look out… watching, questioning everything, just very uneasy,” said Alex Lush, President of Swanston Farm Equipment Ltd.

So far most of the fires have been in abandoned buildings and no one has been hurt.

The fact that most of the fires have been in abandon buildings, is not much comfort to the people who live in the area.

“You’re always wondering what should I do, what haven’t I done, what do i need to do, it’s on your mind all the time and especially at the store here we are very concerned,” Lush said.

The residents that live in and around the area where most of these fires have occured are doing everything they can. ” Everybody is just on the alert, the neighbour up the road… she lives there alone she keeps a pen and paper handy, if she sees a car parked on the side of the road she tries to get the licence number, everybody is doing their part, but so far nothing.” Lush added.

The investigation is on going and anyone with information is asked to call Wellington County OPP or Crime Stoppers.