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Thalmic Labs using Global Skills Visa Program to bring in the best and brightest

Last Updated Jul 18, 2017 at 10:56 am EDT

Courtesy: blog.thamic.com

A local tech firm is applauding the federal government on a new program that is giving Canadian companies a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting global talent.

Waterloo based Thalmic Labs have already brought in two highly skilled employees through the new Global Skills Visa Program and are waiting on a third.

The program allows high growth Canadian companies to bring in highly skilled foreign workers within two weeks, whereas the traditional immigration system took several months.

The idea is to remove all the road blocks when it comes to bringing top end talent that can help a company grow.

The rapidly growing Thalmic Labs specializes in wearable technology and requires a very specific skill set to develop their technology.

Without the right people, development and growth would be in serious jeopardy.

Victoria Baskerville is a Human Resources partner with Thalmic Labs, she says the timing of this program could not be better.

“Right now we are growing at a very quick pace. We need some highly skilled talent right now that we can only find outside of Canada, so it is critical we get the skills we need as quickly as possible.”

The program is not only good timing for Thalmic Labs, but it is also good timing for Canada.

Right now Canada’s primary competition, the U.S. and U.K. are actively making it more difficult to immigrate.

Canada’s Global Skills Visa Program shows our government has a very different attitude towards the issue.

Baskerville says, although the program is helping foreign workers with easier access to the Canadian job market, the end result will be more jobs for all Canadians.

“With implementing this program, one of the biggest goals is to help Canadian companies to continue to grow. By helping Canadian companies to grow at the rate we need them to grow we can create more jobs for Canadians.”

Two of the workers joining Thalmic Labs are engineers from Iran and Pakistan who will be joining Thalmic’s machine learning team.

A third employee from Israel is waiting on approval and will work in the research and development area.

The Global Skills Visa Program also allows the spouse and dependents of the applicant to come to Canada.

This, Baskerville says, is also critical when recruiting a new employee.

The Global Skills Visa Program is part of a 2 year pilot project.