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Local MPP launches hydro rate petition

File photo of hydro towers. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Stephen C. Host

Hydro rates in Ontario is the focus of a petition launched by a local MPP.

Kitchener-Conestoga Conservative Michael Harris has posted the petition on his website.

He says there are “growing concerns over soaring electricity costs” and accuses the Wynne government of playing “shell games” that provide relief now, but push the full cost down the road to future taxpayers.

He contends, electricity rates have risen 300 per cent since the Liberals took power.

The petition calls on the government to “take immediate steps to reduce the total cost of electricity paid for by Ontarians, including costs associated with power consumed, Green Energy contracts, the Global Adjustment, delivery charges, administrative charges, tax and any other charges added to Ontarians’ energy bills without deferring those costs to the present and future Ontario taxpayer.”

It’s titled, “Cut power costs and hydro shell games.”

It can be accessed here.