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High-tech SUV meant to enforce parking to hit Waterloo streets

Last Updated Jan 17, 2017 at 3:45 pm EDT

Photo Courtesy - City of Waterloo

A white jeep with cameras mounted on the roof meant to nab non-paying parking perps is coming to a Waterloo city street near you.

The SUV, with license plate recognition software, uses the on-board cameras to capture plate information and record its vehicle’s GPS location. The log then times how long the vehicle has been parked in a city lot or parking spot, and if it’s over the two hour limit, the violator is issued a ticket.

The City of Waterloo’s Director of Municipal Enforcement Services Shayne Turner tells 570 News, the $60,000 vehicle will cut down costs and be more efficient. “It’s going to ensure we do business in a faster and more time-sensitive way. Privacy is also a concern but there’s no issue here because the software used will only store private information like we’ve been doing before, just this time it’s a car and not an officer inputting the data.”

Turner adds if the project goes according to plan, their could be more four-wheeled officers on city streets soon enough.